TickerText2: The Jenny Holzer Edition is here!

Jason Camlot and DHC/ART are pleased to announce a Jenny Holzer-related collaboration with the TickerText interface and Concordia University’s FOFA gallery. Phase I of The TickerText public poetry project was launched as part of Espace Recherche for Congress 2010 at Concordia University, and ran from 28 May-4 June, 2010. Using as its primary poetic constraint the alphanumeric (letters and numbers) nature of Thomas Edison’s stock ticker and the 140 character limit of SMS systems like Twitter, more than 500 TickerText poems were submitted and then streamed for public viewing on the LED stock ticker in the mezzanine of Concordia’s business school and on the web. Film footage of the entire stream of Congress TickerTexts as it appeared on the LED stock ticker (and lasting close to two hours!) is available below.

TickerText2: In coordination with the DHC/ART gallery and Concordia University’s FOFA gallery, Phase II of the TickerText project will use the art of Jenny Holzer to inspire a new set of writing contraints, and a new network of literary dissemination and display. From 14 September to 14 November, attendees of DHC/ART’s Jenny Holzer retrospective will be invited to submit their own TickerTexts in response to Holzer’s work, and within a set of formal contraints informed by the language and syntax of her famous Truisms. These new submissions will then be transmitted, via the TickerText website, to a multimedia Ticker installation located in the FOFA gallery. In this way, textual work created in response to one exhibit at a Montreal art gallery will produce a text based art installation in another. As with the first phase of TickerText, the project will be curated by Jason Camlot and designed in collaboration with Matthieu Tremblay, Prem Sooriyakumar and David Ward.

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Double-take. Two fake ducks in the real lily pond on the croquet lawn (for real) have been replaced by two real ducks and they’re mating. J. R. Carpenter wait a minute – where did this one white cow come from? yesterday all the cows were brown J. R. Carpenter All you need is 1 boat, 1 person to row it, 1 river, 1 sun, the tide on your side, 1 pub 2 row 2 and, most importantly, a dog. J. R. Carpenter i’m only one foot five. Garry-Lewis James Osterberg Six swans shining white in late sunlight sail past in single file. What’s that a sign of? That they’re all about to turn into ballerinas? J. R. Carpenter goodbye #congress10 the #freefood was gr8! Brian Li There are 3 count em 3 used bookstores in Totnes. 9 months here and how did I not know this until now? J. R. Carpenter an antelope is not more useful than a kaleidoscope, except all the lions and sharks will have you think that they are the two kings of life Anonymous it isn’t wise for me to look at books on ebay, or abebooks, as I always seem to come across ones I’d like to purchase. If only I could. Warren Dean Fulton funtime is no time without the actual love of a number 3,4,5 i never counted higher or have sunk lower than this, mom. Anonymous Life is there for you to live it, Paris is there to help, Montreal is there to make it twenty times better Franck Ribes snakes and ladders is not fun when your dice has more than 6 surfaces. Anonymous Wide eyed piglets dance wearing fluorescent pink pink two twos to the tune of three blind mice Kristin Here’s to saying yes to first 8 shots of Jameson. Here’s to saying no to the last 3. Allie Hedges “Two bee or not two bee?” the professional apiarist asked the rank amateur beekeeper in jest. Knowing that no one is foolish enough 2 # bees Warren Dean Fulton labatt 50 is a great beer. Tuan think think think. what does one write? guess this works. Anonymous Like a starved ribbon worm, I can eat myself to survive. 90% of me has disappeared just to live and write this. Gillian Sze I trip on my shoelace three times, stumble on a cracked sidewalk, and still falling for you Blair is there such a thing as a 3/4 life crisis? Anonymous on a scale of 1 to 10 – – – this ranks…? Anonymous bye friends. this event was great. the volunteer team r0cked! G00d work! Marie-Josee if tigers only had one stripe, would we still think they were fascinating? Anonymous hi this is so cool. congress 2010 was a success. Anonymous When the going gets tough, nothing like 20-degree whether to make things tougher. albert k Today feels like the last day of school, 180 days later.. the only thing missing is people signing year books and saying have a nice summer! prem who is this guy? is he untouchable? gotta be kidding! what a zero. dave my favourite colour is 0xFF3300 Anonymous once upon a time, there was a man who committed a rhyme Anonymous a rose never has only one thorn john la magna champ 009 wont work :( Anonymous Rating Scale: 1= Strongly Disagree 2= Disagree 3= Agree 4= Strongly Agree. Please rate: “The Earth’s rotational velocity makes me dizzy”. Warren Dean Fulton hot dogs are most stylish at 70,000 seat ballparks. chris richards When Robin Hood was lost in the 100 Acre Woods Eeyore told him scary stories around a glowing campfire of something in the deep, dark woods Warren Dean Fulton never lived through terrible twos and sweet sixteens. bob evangelista zoom x 16 is skin deep. ellen j’ai eu deux fois plus peur, mais je suis quatre fois plus forte. sophie durocher Waneer 50u de kracht van liefde 0verwin de liefde van kracht? Anonymous beer is best served at 4 degrees celsius. bob evangelista real time is only real when you play music on real player. in other words, you’re 30 minutes late. chris richards Appa is 6045. I’m his age too. Sasha (age 4) ‘of all the bars, in all the world’, Probability – How many could that be? Say 193 countries in the world x maybe 40,000+ /country.. hmmmm Warren Dean Fulton I wonder how many bicycles there are in Montréal? Steve Trepanier Chris Columbus, 1492. Jyoti 2bad, I missed the free food. I am one unlucky guy. Brian Li if you were born in the 1980s, or if i was born in the 1540s, we’d probably be the greatest pair of lovers since Mary & Joseph. Irwin Green zu 15 my l0v3r! Svea Vikander duy r0cks the c45b4h! Svea Vikander Hey 4dam!!! H0pe y0u are having a BL4ST at C0ngress! :) Tammy chicken nugget lover since 1988. Goldie th3 w0rld w3 s33 is 4ll numb3r5 Anonymous once, I met a nice young man named sasha who made me type something here Anonymous “An Explanation.” With angry logic / You set plebeians ablaze / Penile carbunkle (by Emily Fraser-Jeffries) Anonymous 1 am h4ppy # A. Becker i love sociology far 2 much, even though I’m a designer. Brian Li Inthe morning soakingsun unthinking.Trying not 2be glad.Impossible w/birdsong. davanna At the library, PN 212 B3413 1985 WEB was not where we’d arranged to meet. It was out being read by some stranger. It didn’t leave a note. Jason Camlot One hundred and forty ways to leave your lover. I’m at number seventy-two. Anonymous 1) And if I looked at you and asked: “But what does it all mean?” 2) What then? L.A. Stein Multi-colored chicken aboard spaceship Clamby, direction moon. Chicken takes 100 bajillion bites out of moon, which tastes like yummy tum. Sasha (age 4) THe apostrophe will not work no plurals no plurals available! Sharon $45 never amounted to much. But it got me home. Brian Li Going upstairs on a space ship into the sky like Neo the one. Sasha (age 4) 1) Like the sun leaves its reflection upon the moon when it’s gone 2) The good things we do will live even after we are gone :) Pubudu Kaththotage ocean’s 11 is slippery. Thomas 5 frogs, 2 tennis balls, green and bouncy. Sasha June, 3: The more materialistic science becomes, the more angels I shall paint – Edward Byrne Jones in conversation with Oscar Wilde byrne I have ducks in my nose. I have nothing my nose. Sasha flick/flick/flick/watch/this/space/fire/up/your/neurons/read/write/fire/work/your/night/sleep/sweat/toss/turn/dream/start/again/again/&/now Amanda Earl if i need 2go2 a hotel, i go by paul sanchez. Prem Sooriyakumar Had I but more stretch and span, I might have snatched Sleep’s purse, pressed it against my brow and laughed a dozen times hysterically, rich! Bassam Chiblak When counting adds up, nothing counts anymore, and numb are the numbers that sketch time. You can wind your mind around it: yes, tick, tock. Eleni Zisimatos Names of a few operations: Wetback(1954),Gatekeeper(94),Endgame(03),Return to Sender(06),Scheduled Departure(08),Secure Communities(08) Christian Nagler I wish I was 2 times hungrier. Anonymous ten red tigers at the museum playing hide and seek, eye spy and devinette. Sasha It rains 5 drops, then stops. It rains 6 drops, she continues to cry. Gary S Meet me on the 165. We’ll go up the mountain and down again in no time. Anonymous A woman is dividing her time by five. Climbing out of a numeric crevice, she enters the market. Lisa Young I was Yo-Yo Ma in your other life. Like 27 years ago. Jan Kiciak The geology of the homesick. Serial victimization. Manipulation by design. All reasons he used to explain his purchase of six frozen pizzas. Arjun Basu All roads lead to Rome, except for this one, and those two. Triana Bloom If you say it in a non-sexual way, you may say the F-word 3 times in a PG-13 film. In an R film, of course, you may say it any way you like. Jayne Hildebrand There are over a 1000 poets in Montreal. Not many stand out individually. Support anonymous poetry. Anonymous #command #4 #command #4 ten ten two one; one ten. Haroun Whatever happened to alphanumeric band names? Ten years ago, there were at least 48! Anonymous Norman Conquest, 1066. Jyoti 2(eyes, nostrils, ears, arms, legs). Patterns of existence operate in pairs. Haroun $100,000 Reward for Waldo. Dead or Alive. Armed and dangerous. Wears a red and white striped shirt. Anonymous N0t sure what kind 0f brilliance y0u can expect. Tom Burke Hello 2 Susan 0’Donnell. WJM 1-Evrybod’s a feelergame addict and pusher 2-Better 2 be a creativelover&or parenteacher Gary Boyd My last night here. Do I choose art or hockey? Cheryl Miki I’m operating now on half a brain, though some might argue that it’s never been whole anyway. Jean Wilson #### 1) Life is an echo, all comes back. 2) Th good, th bad, th false, th truth. 3) So give th world th best you have and the best will come back to you. #### Zenith @tickertext 140 characters is too short! #congress10 cloud deck giant eggplant from another galaxy set to invade washington d.c. in 2012 Nostradamus Anonymous #freefood #congress10 #congress2010 tags on twitter for free food news! clouddeck _y = ( (typeof(_anchorY) == ‘function’) ? _anchorY() : _anchorY) + vectorY; Cloud Deck 010101001000101010001010010110000101presence.absence.presence.you are not looking for what is permitted.you are looking for what is possible razielle a mind is a beautiful thing 2 waste! ryan -Im in English Lit and the 1 time something this interesting is going on I don’t know about it? June 2nd -HISTORIC! Maryse If u want 2 sit at the table and there isn’t a seat 4 u, bring ur own chair. ushana The Mauritian flag consists of 4 colors. There are also several languages spoken there. Brian Li This one time I forgot my twitter password. But I got 2 free coffees. 3 more days of congress. Gordon Bailey A swirling kaleidosc0pe of colour and sound causes awe and wonder in those around. Pete&Nick 2 U: I long 4 ur voice. 2 hear ur silence. 2 b enveloped by ur translucent skin and 2 dissolve into ur gaze. Michele Coulombe Br0ken nick, a tale of sacrifice for art’s sake. Nicolas Munoz 2 B @ Congress iz too c the world. Dimitrios Koulis No 1 is 2 cool 4 school–the compounding effect Marouf Mahmoud 1 perfect mannerism. Gordon Bailey 1-2-3 tick3r-t3xt-1t! tickertexter ..::iiII1100OOoo.. Anonymous 1. The precultural paradigm of discourse and capitalist theory 2. Capitalist narrative and subconstructivist discourse Cloud Deck 4 8 15 16 23 42 Desmond Humes QUESTION: How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? ANSWER: Equivalent to life span x (320kg x burrows/yr) Warren Dean Fulton Hell0… h0w ab0ut a smile if y0u read this? :) Anonymous i have t0 see if it w0rks Johnny Boy 1) I live for a living… 2) Do you? queen elisheba That’s The S0und 0f The Men Watching TV In Their Cells Whilst Studying f0r a BSc fr0m the 0U (Sequel t0 “Chain Gang”,Sam C00ke) #sequels0ngs Bryan Gregg 0ur m0untain’s cr0ss gl0ws white in a pure fresh sn0w but purple – red, black and blue bruises – when th0se wh0 claim purity die. Anonymous Y0u are my sweetest d0wnfall. Anonymous 1) He sings “I wish you were here.” 2) But hides behind a red button. Alpana 1) i wanted to help. 2) i really did. Leila Leila ideas live inside writing like we inhabit 0ur b0dies. Michael Brewster When Love asks for a letter, Love cannot refuse, for it is Love inciting Love to take up the pen for Its sake Anonymous this is not about love. i miss you. Anonymous I cried today. A little bit in the empty brown bed just to see if it felt right. Anonymous Someone in front of me in line stunk of chlorine, as if they’d just crawled from a pool. Anonymous 1) Can we tweet directly to this? 2) Now that would be cool! Anonymous violations, helplessness, disheartening, migration, no one cares. Anonymous 1) It got trendy to make out as if you’re heinous at work and relationships in a cool counter-culture style. 2) Way to predict the zeitgeist dude. Simon Williams 007-this is a short poem. 008. i am **** at line breaks. 009. endings too. 010. this is anticlimactic. 011. i discourage reading this poem. Alcofibras Nasier II 1) It is a myth that Paul Levy fell from the roof of the Main Drug Mart on College street. 2) What happened was: he flew. Ally Fleming Lay 0ff me tiger cat. I need the m0ney. Anonymous 1) Cleverness never changed the minds of those opposed to peace. 2) Shooting someone dead doesn’t work that well either. 3) I say stick to cleverness. Anonymous 1) I heard living room. 2) I misheard the reference to the living bird dipped in its slain mate’s blood to purify a house, as set out in Leviticus Donald McGrath 2 rabbits walked into a cave. 3 foxes followed them. 4 hounds followed the foxes. 1 man stood there with a rifle. Marie-Helene this tape ticks my love for you 1 2 3 4 ticks my love for you 1 2 3 4 ticks my love for you DC3 LC2 Licia Canton listen to that jamoree a ringin through the heartened streets. Its like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife. Brett “The truth; is that there are many truths” Pablo Neruda (197X) vanaka 8 people run past the table they don’t see the 37 paper cups or 16 and a half oatmeal cookies but I see it all Marie-Helene This just in: Nothing but this text is happening right now. Film at eleven. Anonymous Octavian was born in 63BC. Sam Garner I am 100x better at this than Jenny Holzer Anonymous livin our lives gets tiredsome just sayin just there s a happy revoluzion comin i hope Holden Levack Louise Bourgeois was 98. Today, Marilyn Monroe would be 84. Lisa Lynch ;0 >>>>>>>> 0; Holden Levack somebody spilled coffee 1234 roberta am super anxiuos b0ut this michelle aguayo It took 65 dimes, 40 nickels and 2 quarters to get 20 Camels. Keith Waterfield 100 balloons Anonymous I have a tiny suitcase full of ancient pogs. I don’t remember how to play anymore. I just remember that my skull slammer can float. Erika She is the creative one Anonymous We’re all waiting for you, at the 5 and dime. 10 cents per song, 40 cents per burger. Come back to the 5 and dime Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean. Keith Waterfield dear cuticles, please st0p being s0 unbearably dry it displeases my thumb and pinkies s0. Erika Logarithmically, there’s a yawning space between 0 …………….and………………1. The space between 1 and 2 is smaller. Ben Nolan I sneak, I snack but m0stly I sleep s0undly. Erika CJLO 1690 AM THE BEST NOISE ON CAMPUS WWW.CJLO.COM Anonymous Lightning through music through machine through numbers 11 001 010 10 through numbers light and sound and one lone dancer in the shadows Anonymous Do you want 2 sneak into the aquarium 2night? We’ll feed the star fish 2 the great whites…It will be the perfect date. Retha Ferguson “There are a hundred reasons why men should be allowed to attend that dinner,” he said. She zipped up her coat. “Name one,” she said. Jayne Hildebrand I eight two eights, twos, & fours, & spat them here four you, along with some other words also. Ben Nolan ‘Quiet all around! Lock it up & roll sound’-‘Speed!’-‘Scene 41 Apple Take 1’-‘Mark it'[SLATECLAP]’Frame’-‘&’-‘Action!’ – “Umm Sorry…line?” Warren Dean Fulton Pasta + Chili… Chilighetti? Spaghili? PJ H3110 P30p13 0f 3arth y0ur scr33ns hav3 b33n tak3n 0v3r by CJL0 1690 AM C0nc0rd1a Un1v3rs1ty’s Rad10 .. NASDAQ 193.4 DOWJ 218.3 Holidae 1)Knowledge is power, power is corrupt, corruption is evil.. 2)Knowledge is evil Holidae i have zero inspiration today constance lafontaine Push this button once for Dennis Hopper, twice for silence. Click here to have your VHS copy of Waterworld converted to DVD. WithWords Zero sunshine today… Erika MTL 2 TO was the most depressing 8 hours of my life. Erika I h8 extremes. Sanjay today i had 2 cups of tea. Melissa Yeung “what the hell is going 0n?” said the cr0wbar to the furnace Anonymous Intensity in tent city we were once again lovers and friends freaked fun sun bums in the end the love you make shall surely reciprocate msd Michael s donaghey Inky swirls on tender flesh, the touch of delicate silver butterflies, an indelible reminder of her immortal beloved Tywan Ferreira ELEVATOR ETIQUETTE: ‘out’ before ‘in’ Nicholas Schofield 1 day when I was 2 there were 3 foreman who were drinking Five-Alive at the corner of 6th and Main. Faisal Butt she felt exhausted from her series of single-serving love affairs and dreamed of someone different. oliviajune 4fter walking a m1le/ each, in everyone else’s shoes,/ he has misplaced his 0wn. Peggy Hogan Mario Bros 2 allows you to play with 4 different characters. Jeff Castonguay peaches 4 exiger Andrew Battershill The Pythagorean theorem: The sum of the areas of the two squares on the legs (a and b) equals the area of the square on the hypotenuse (c). Pythagoras of Samos Liar, liar, pants on fire: the boy who cried wolf also suffered of several third degree burns. Nothing like a BBQ to kick start the summer. Jamal Watson What 2 submit…. 2 submit or not 2… Linda Perreira 2 blackeyed peas in an iPod. Shirine Al-Moussa She needs a pair of boat shoes. Loves reading Romola. Hates living in NYC. Will eventually move to Abu Dhabi. Rita Morgan 1 LOVE Adrien Severyns Please, is anyone out there? Can anyone hear me? Chelsea Edgell With all this runamuck, I was thinking, maybe not. Geneviève partial reality precedes virtual reality which precedes real reality which is dreaming an alternative reality in real-time as you read this. jhave only teachers teach, but every 1 learns ictinus Once we start interacting with social networks like putting on clothes instead of sending e-mails we will stop fearing online public spaces. Josh once in an orange moon dream, falling asleep, reading, her whole narrative changed David Leahy The 2-toed sloth, unable to shiver,descended head-first into a warm bath. david j ward when we invent kissing with only one pair of lips Sasha Manoli “There is hope–infinite hope–but not for us.” -Kafka Anonymous Of making many books there is no end, and much study is a weariness of the flesh. Anonymous After about 1.5 hours the heat given off by the burning up of various houses had diminished, so that we were able to change the damaged tire Jacob Siefring (Alexander Kluge) And he called to me, borderline yelling “Don’t try and change the world too much, it’s not natural!”. Anna J. McIntyre Math is very easy and interesting to learn and study. marina Egg beaters coffee grinders bacon fryers washer/dryers twenty ways to start a day and twenty more to eat and play MT As a kid I dreamed of instituting operational excellence through ethical leadership, triple-win business synergy, and fiscal responsibility. Matthieu Tremblay @11 4 1 1 4 @11 Anonymous If everything’s political, then which one of you is keeping me up tonight? Poli Sci student Brigands and pole cats whispering at the water cooler – oh my – Anonymous I can’t get no… tatata… ticker text poems… tatata… I can’t get zilch… ticker text poems… tatata… Becker Smith Cliq on musiq if you want to piq the bon stiq ! ;0 Anonymous one foot in the grave, 2 on slimy cherry pits david j ward We are here, 22, in the literary underground. Come and buy 445654322234455 of our books. Anonymous Twinkle twinkle simple dimple pop one pimple with one pencil. Becker Smith Sometimes I feel more comfortable living in the past. That’s why I’m studying to be an historian. Anonymous I looked my dem0ns in the eyes, lay bare my chest and said c0me and get me… Ray Lam0ntagne Elijah Baker Admit there is no rain. Just your desire, blunt like a stone, and blind. Also one meaning of to bear is carry. Also one meaning is to yield. Ann Scowcroft New chest hair count=237. Some long, some short, all mine. Becker Smith Lucy took one for the gals. But she has 9 lives; she’s still puzzling out the 7th and pining for s()x pamela coles On H12 is a cute table Isabelle Once you do anything out of the ordinary you become public property. Anna J. McIntyre I have 10 fingers and 10 toes, but only 5 dollars. Annie The perimeter is a legalization of the body. Chad A Hardy Googling ‘the answer to life the universe and everything’ yields the result 42. Isabelle Johnston It’s the babyfeet that get me. Fingerlets too. We need some comedy in here. We need some comedy in here. Ally Fleming Googling ‘the loneliest number’ yields the result 1. Anonymous breaking news: 60% of all statistics are made up Nicholas Schofield Street etiquette rule #51: My bike basket is not a garbage can. Thanks for the flyers and cup. Anonymous every day she counted her thoughts. WHAT if she lived in a place where no1 could sense the power of intention? a haunting dark cloud ensued. ashleigh Dangle your words, teabag in hot water. Poetry: what is left in cup or saucer. Andréa Ledding “though i may not believe in the order of the universe, yet i love the sticky little leaves as they open in spring.” Anonymous In my experience, a 140-character limit is the sweet spot between an aphorism and a bad joke. James After the police stopped us, I didn’t think to mention the quiche. Andrew Eunice never liked @wood. 2 many women in 3/4 sleeved sweaters. pamela coles I was never 1 4 numbers. Isabelle Johnston 1plus1 add one=good x’s until one becomes 2 and leaves three to become exponential. pamelacoles 2 tickertext officials loom, urging me to write just 1 line… Isabelle Johnston If you can read this, your eyeballs know what a neck brace feels like. James When asked for the secret behind his heroic failure, he gave four: 1) to strive, 2) to seek, 3) to find, and 4) not to yield. In any order. Jayne Hildebrand Five ducks were swimming in a pond. One cat passed. Three ducks were swimming in a pond… Anonymous Ten minus ten is two? Jordan Black I am seriously at a loss for words– anywhere outside of one to four coffees. Rachaela Space and time don’t always rhyme but slime will never hurt me? Hanif How many more lemmings must we lose before someone intervenes? Lemmings 4 life. Jessica Ghislain-Laberge Now you see it. Now you don’t. Now you see it. Now you don’t. Left? Right? Left. Left with nothing. Anonymous Gorgeous George jumped the gorge for the first and last time ever. Dan Gomes This poem, a thing that is not simply nothing. It exceeds. Jason Camlot Conditions governing syzygetic poetry: 1. rhyming and cadent vowels; 2. open vowels, confluent and non-confluent consonants; 3. false rhyme. Jayne Hildebrand The answer to the Chomsky–Schutzenberger theorem is probably 7.8986. Valentina Petrushevskaya 1 2 many gr8t moments b4u. Valentina Petrushevskaya While cleaning thru my uncle’s things–watch, passport, bowl of change–I hoped to find his memory which I could return to him. A.B. one/drum, two/shoe, three/tree, four/floor, five/hive, six/sticks, seven/heaven, eight/gate, nine/vine, ten/pen Andrew K 2 my crew: good job! katy The first place Dream Team winners of congress 2010… goes to: TEAM YELLOW! Last place… sorry…but that goes to Team burgandy. Elijah Baker if (isPlacedCloud) { _transitionCloud(); }else{ transitionCloudOnPlacedCloud = true; } Cloud Deck If you were a deer dear I’d like to be your steady hooves, with the pebbles and the stones all under foot. Farm fest ’93 Elgin-Skye 2morr0, 2morr0, I l0ve y0u, 2morr0, y0u’re 0nly 09 h0urs away!! Erika Turgoose A sky so blue makes 1 wonder where all this end. Anonymous Why are Autoroute 720, 520, 320, and 20 all called “the 20”? Jordan Black Hello to my hometowners in Winnipeg Manitoba! Lovin Montreal but the ‘peg is #1 in my heart! Anonymous This heart wanted 1 person and it was 1 n only YOU SAIEF! Zenith The forest fires in Maurice burn & burn & burn, how many more people will have to leave their homes? Sandra Pearson Kindess is an act of rebellion deborah vanslet I.D. ten T error = ID10T error Anonymous Angry with the weather, my jacket refuses to open. Another, please. Instead of orange and blue, the car was actually teal and burgundy. T.L. Cowan 1 step forward n 2 steps backward… Field of accounting.. Thats how it works!! Zenith 10 commandments, 7 deadly sins, 17 fun ways to go to hell. Hell yeah! Brian S 2 people just got Fabio-ed by 2 birds. Jordan T The last time we met, I had iced tea and died twice knowing that you stopped caring about me. Triana Bloom Finally there is nothing to say. Just sit & listen to the sounds of Vancouver rain, the traffic, count heartbeats, tea 5 minutes from now. Warren Dean Fulton Dow -1.19%: Nasdaq -0.91%?! TSX -0.66%! “FTSE -0.13%” DAX +0.15%; (Nikkei +1.28%) Shanghai +0.01%!!!! Anonymous theoretical experiences pushing disciplines nine times nine is still not perfection Jen Reid dirt and junipers / crows cawing caw caw caw / sun Melissa Bull Fame acquired through $$$–> acquired through good work–> acquired through education–> acquired through hard work!!!! Zenith it took me 1/2 of the ’80’s, & a 12-step program to get over my Pac-Man addiction. Today (May 21, 2010) Google haunts me w/ ghosts & . . . . Anonymous He sucked his lower lip and watched the rushing waves of feathers and beaks break loudly across the barn floor. He contemplated grad school. J. Baker 12 hrs to Brazil, 3 stopovers: three glued to laptops crowd into a corner with just 1 plug next to a seated scribe filling a 3-hole notebook Anonymous I used 2 care, now I take a pill for that. deborah vanslet The allure, he sought. The bite, he fought. The fight, he bought. The might, he caught… never resulting in millions. Bassam Chiblak 232 titles we brought; monographs, bestsellers, books that are taught. 910 new books this season, to visit booth 15 I’ve given you reason! Susan at H B Fenn If paradise was perfect it would be over populated, let us therefore give thanks for ticks, black flies, mosquitoes et al. Susan Borgersen I found a bottle of vodka under a pie and I took it to George’s place and we drank it. That’s not true; he brought it back and I finished it DMc Lonely playwright seeking drama lover. Got 2 be dramatic 4 me! Booth EV35 Playwrights Canada Press 99 bottles of beer on the stock ticker. 99 bottles of beer. Take one down and the economy crashes. Gina DiMatteo 1.That’s the way he carried the shovel. 2. If that was funny. 3. Because his pants were red. 4. She will never agree to this again. 5. Yes. Arjun Basu Margaret muse, mark my moods, my music, mangled, mimics a million meanings. Bassam Chiblak At 94 lbs she could span her wrist with a thumb and index finger. At 92.5 lbs she stopped menstruating. At 91 lbs they took away her scale. Jayne Hildebrand S#U#R#R#E#N#D#E#R D#O#R#O#T#H#Y Anonymous Pulsations are intertexts and the sainthood has no debt to the displeasing anachronism of binary code. Jon Paul Fiorentino I is a place. U can live here. See me in the embryo. Time still outside. No accounting 4 memory. Life, I <3 U. Natalee Caple 4 friend requests 8 event invitations 14 group invitations 7 Page suggestions time lost wasted while on facebook countless Warren Dean Fulton 5 10 15 20 40-is 30 60-is 40 – lordy, lordy, when is 40? Laurie Laforest 2 lovers. 1 love. George F When a young man complains that a young woman has no heart, it is pretty certain that she has his. Asif Khan Today, I learned that poetry’s motive is to count what is there and what is not there. And then I did one useful thing, not counting poetry. Anonymous Cannot wait to eat supper at 6pm with my three kids, two cats and one wife. Jean-Pierre Deslauries My cat just gave birth to four kittens. Going out for a 24!!! Woohoo!!! Antonio McBride Free the bees. 2 day please. George F Lamenting in dust and ashes is not always such a bad idea. Stephen I’ve been on the floor since 8am. My mind begins to wander aimlessly, wondering if 7:30 will ever come. Anonymous As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death… I take a look at my life and realize that I have at least 40 years left. Hilary Trotter Gangsta DOWN WITH MONOGAMY. Up with duplicity. (The sky is falling.) Anonymous One is the loneliest number. Two is the most miserable. Donna Shanji Oliver Twist was an orphan. The world is filled with a million Olivers. Please sir… Wesley Brydon “As I get older, I’m starting to like capitalism more and more.” -Julie McIsaac Jayne Hildebrand Finally met a gorilla face 2 face – I had been searching 4 decades. Amy Long My mother once told me life is like a box of chocolates. A million boxes of chocolates and lots of calories. Get me off this diet mother! Sabrina The “I put the fun in funeral” shirt at the local goth store would be better if we pronounced funeral differently. DMc Books spinning everything shattering one thousand lenses, bumping into tables 8 9 10 times. Anonymous Rewind. Fastforward. Can you hear the two of us. I think we’ve become VCRs. George F I bought 1 pink lip gloss 2day; the shade was “subtle pink” or smthng like that. There was a 1,000 choices of p1nks.. Sarah D We are all number 1. Anonymous if in the middle of your concrete life, look down and see the cracks, look up and see the light Anonymous Your face is aggressive rain…. in 4… 3… PadTyler Totally stoked for Congress2010. My 1st academic conference and it is in my home city. Dimitri Koulis Taped minds float and flood the universe of thoughts turned into minded tapes Michael Gunin May 28, Exile’s Publisher wishes to sell more than 1 book on day 1 – come find our booth on bsmt level M Callaghan Yes words can replace numbers but writers need $$ too, and spuds. Unless of course you land a university job. Luck to you. Brenda Niskala 1 thing i learned is there’s not many 10 years to waste in life, go 4 as much opportunities that show up in yours :) Jenny Always look before you leap, a person is like an ocean, once you jump in your feet are wet. Beware the undertow of another inky black soul. Lisa Wiley-Blackwell is here for Congress 2010! Visit us at booths 5 and 6; browse our books, peruse our journals, and experience a state of zen! B Cook Bye Bye Miss American 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751058209749445923078164062862089986280348253421170679 Anonymous Any man more beautiful than the average woman is bound to be evil. Adrien question. answer: seven of wands; three of swords; three of pentacles; the devil; queen of wands. Andrea Walker Antony on the sky-train with Cleopatra, dignified and ageless across time. Jason Siu As regards (1) loving and (2) losing, it is better to have done both (1) and (2) than never to have done (1) at all. Jayne Hildebrand cooking drinking breathing breathing take time for the in take time for the out pass fail delete restart Anonymous Why is everyone always shocked when ones parents age Anonymous it was 11:14 am when a human sent this message to the future. or was it? Ian Arawjo Wind is neither here nor there but is it always somewhere Zenith & Allison Song 86: Good Vibrations. 86.1 Clothes she wears. 86.2 Sunlight on hair. 86.3 Perfume in air. 86.4 Excitations. 86.5 Bop bop, excitations. Ann Ward in codes along the bottom of the world the long line of money says hush to you my darling with your mouth open as the world is put in a box jeremy valentine freeman i want a t-shirt with my total word count on it…or is that encouraging too many people to stare at my chest? julie j 4 cups trickling, 2 tablespoons heaping, percolate 15 minutes, marionette your way though the day. J. Baker install delete restart complete = today in four words Anonymous 2 Optimus; 3 rate; 5 rib; 7 sub- ; 11 location; 13 the pump; 17 mover; 19 minister; 23 target; 29 number. Philip Moscovitch 24 minutes spent reading ticker text. Can’t stop. Send help. SheilaE. truthfully: the # of times he said you were crazy is far far >er than the # of times he said he loved you. Sue Wilson It’s a matter of numbers, the atrocities. Numeric from ten. runran There are 8 kittens on my bookmark. But I can only read 1 story at a time. SheilaE. 6 eggs and a pint of cream churns in ice with a cup of sugar for a pennyworth/ of dreams. Robin eggs hatched this morning. Dreams have wing Susan Borgersen At eighty three, she eats canned peas one by one, bare feet remembering deliciously sharp gravel: girlhood rush to taste the summer harvest. J. Baker He finishes peeing and shakes a bit and a drop falls on the floor, unnoticed. Six months later, she will cite that drop as “the last straw.” Arjun Basu Crazy and beautiful full moon over the harbor. #IloveMaine B. L. Goss I used to send messages of precisely one hundred forty signs every day at precisely 1 hour 40 pm to one hundred forty persons of each sex Franck Einstein 120 is the new 140. Retweet. 40 is the new 30. 16 is the new 20. Count calories. Green is the new black. Death is the new Life. Count on me. Chelsea Edgell poem in q-code: QRI QRN QRO QRS QRM QRV QRD QSB QSL QSL QSL Christine McNair Mano batai buvo du, vienas dingo nerandu. As su vienu bateliu niekur eiti negaliu. Anonymous Self-expression is over-rated. Anonymous Mamma sang the blues. She couldn’t sing in tune. It didn’t matter two hoots. Susan Borgersen COMPILE ERROR:While “NAME”=non-exclusive string (I=1) {affirm royalty-free copyright approval} “AUTHOR”/=original; SCRIPTOR NOT FOUND. END\\ MALCOLM now that the Olympic Winter Games are over, the citizens of Vancouver may say their city’s name and the yr 2010 w/out threat of legal action Warren Dean Fulton I cut my losses and got a new apartment. This one wouldn’t be filled with the rat that is my ex-wife. Liam Oil Spill – Top Kill ..i appreciate your rhyming sense, BP. preferably, next in the sequence is ‘No Drill’ ? drongs When the weekend meets a weak end and all you got to show is all the ciphers that you know. Pablo It’s such a special kind of feeling, being tossed 2 and fro, repeating code. Pablo //987654321 Submit your text @ tickertext.cohds.ca 123456789// Ticker Text 1432 rue Mackay Cafe Myriade // Cafe du Jour Tanzania Songea // Cupfuls of love Anonymous $question = (2B) ? ‘yes’ : ‘no’; echo $question; Laurie Laforest When I was 10, I bought a pink sparkly ring for 25cents. My Dad said it was a waste of $.I said $ is only paper & he hit me across the mouth Anonymous mood rallying jittery slipped 4.9% surged 40% rebounded plunged wary soared cautious rallied party. Yes, the markets are rational. Philip Moscovitch one 2 three 4 five 6 seven 8 nine 10 eleven 12 thirteen 14 fifteen 16 seventeen 18…one hundred and thirty-eight 139 one hundred and forty. Philip Moscovitch Miss you [stop]Coming soon [stop]Wait for me [stop] Or not, as you see fit [stop] fine, be that wsy! [stop] No really, I mean stop! [stop] Maren This morning I completed 286974, tomorrow 287525: Will I ever get back to 000000? Roy Sockwell (Diastic 10/25) Poetry’s poem – the poem orders poems [pattern not found: skipping] poem – distance between 1 poet & 1 poem Anonymous 4 years gone by. a lifetime, an hour, whose counting? Anonymous no <3 is not the same as heartless. Andrea Walker 2 weeks since I last saw you. 6 days since you forgot me. 1 kiss still limned onto my skin like ink, burned into my identity like a brand. Chelsea Edgell 78 monkey attacks is too many in my book, but my book contains none. M.S. Murphy BEGIN TRANSMISSION: -·-·-/…. . .-. . / -… . / -.. .-. .- –. — -. … STOP Christine McNair Asdeathcomestoallmenitcomesto7whichhaswatched6diealreadyandknowsthat8910willfollowbutnotbeforetimeasdeathcomestonumberslessrandomlyandwithle Todd Swift lov1ng U 1s l1k3 th3 w3ath3r chann3l. all the hurr1can3s hav3 g1rl nam3s. Anonymous New mashup novel concept (The Bible plus Zombies) Major character rises from dead Anonymous 8 men in derbies, 4 punks in berets, 2 anemic girls bearing plywood trays. “All strangers shall die,” I hear one of them say… Jason Camlot When he awoke, the dinosaur was still there – Augusto Monterroso Anonymous we float with no # yr gilt clavicle & impressionistic doves outspiral 1breath & then & then & then & then & then & then & then & then & then Christine McNair Breaking News: Scientists say CN Tower has been sentient since 1988. Tower’s first public announcement, in 2010: “Lady Gaga is pretty good!” Spencer Gordon on the surface 255 223 190 the weight of it 166 177 195 is almost 188 143 189 unbearable. Christine McNair in the 3am 0 thru the trees almost rain, we almost were. gazebo is a verb that means coming close. please conjugate with me almost. Anonymous This is the ugly season, speed 15 space nil. At 0830 rough words no praise, all lattes stopped 3 2 1 time to go pissing on a new hydrant. Claire Sherwood The alarm clock’s green glow: 3:33 a.m. Who goes there, goose-fleshing across the creaky floor? The presence of mind. Many, none. Steve McOrmond alpha/numeric recitation (to be whispered at full speed half breath) | C + #*! | C + D | C + J | C + R | C + J | C + C | C + J | ERROR | Christine McNair reason #11 just because #52 if you must #93 never again #184 it was a trick all along rob budde (Here You are in the body.)…time passes…let us say 22 minutes ok?….tick tock tick tock…..and we went to St. Martin-in-the-fields and Anna J. McIntyre listened to several composers, one of whom was murdered. The other was killed by eating a rotten piece of chocolate and I wondered to myself Anna J. McIntyre how do priests get paid again? The man in front is sitting on a squeaky piece of pew and is apparently restless. Spring summer autumn winter Anna J. McIntyre “There is madness in the number / Of the living / ‘A state of matter’ // There is nobody here but us chickens” – We ♥ U George Oppen!! M. Evans Never trust anyone with the same name as you. Rae Staseson Non plus ultra, he adduced, ^ stripped her anyway. Well some have {loved} for < she figured. That day they said ~ more.* M. Evans Are 14-word sonnets a fiscal sign that foreshadows the end of the bottom line? L Morra It was gaudy and crimson. How could I not resist? Leslie Shade 10 times makes a cowgirl, so pick yourself up, dust off your butt and get back on that horse. It is the only way you will win. Rae Staseson I like U plus me look see my spot puff text sans dickjanefarmyarn it’s a witty facile daylight no yes fortunate like bots (wanna dance) Anonymous Pure and applied. H2O will always be water. VSOP 8 will always be cognac. And Bb9 will always be jazz. Raymond Filip Feels like mimicking both 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 as well as 9.999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 % of history. Zach Melzer … & Adam lived 130 yrs & begat Seth…& Seth lived 150 yrs & begat Enos…& Enos lived 90 yrs & begat Cainan…& Cainan lived 70 yrs & beg Donald McGrath It’s been 435 days since I left and I’ve thought about you every day. Jeff There are at least 1000 ways to skin a cat, but cats have only 9 lives. This is not fair. Not fair. Not fair. Not fair. Not fair. Not fair. Donald McGrath attempting to predict when the word will end. Warren Dean Fulton With every breath I draw you close, mindfully luring you in. Waiting–t1ck t0ck–hoping, today is the day we meet– Ann Danilevich S0S: 4M 1 4 M4N 1N 4 C0MPUT3R DR34M, 0R 4 C0MPUT3R S1MUL4T1NG 4 M4N? ST0P. R3PLY? ST0P! Richard Baldwin My twin and I were born on August 3rd, as was Granda’ Willy. We celebrated our birthday with 2 cokes and ½ a beer. Granda’d put the other ½ Donald McGrath on a scale of 1 to 10 you score an intoxicating 12 on passion, then twist the well-lodged knife a full 360 degrees for good measure. Bone Sophia Barcelona Totem hangs, then his thoughts, from rottenness, six bullet shots, turns against his best friend's pots, shatters them to mounds of crock. Bassam Chiblak Quadratic polynomials were distracting because when he graphed them they looked like the curve of her hips. He preferred linear equations. Jayne Hildebrand What if there was a syntagm — just 1, let’s say — that was completely unmoored from a paradigm? It would just say what it said. No more. Peter C. van Wyck anti-bacterial hand lotion! three for ten dollarz Anonymous when the sun rose 5 times in a row/then I said/bring me a rose and I will be yours forever/Alas, a 4-colour, 8-petaled tulip appeared. Anonymous Light travels at a speed of 186000 miles/second (apologies, I don’t easily recall in metric) & words at the speed of rumours. What’s faster? Warren Dean Fulton Trying to decipher an emoticon… Is that a wry smile or an obligatory one? Those dots are so small, I can’t make out if they sparkle. Retha Ferguson Reduce & Recycle. Read & Write. Larissa Dutil let’s go ride stride on the CONCORD 3 2 A SEAT let’s sing singular engagement let’s be young on purpose let’s allow a porpose to be few Sheila E. Murphy Is believing in nothing still believing? Joe Crowley Jr I miss you and you’ve been gone less than a day. Will our first also be our last? Will I see you again? Did you feel the same about me? xxxx Aryn Welles John Locke, Syrian Antioch, diademed, crown of jasmine: flowers for a conscious thinking king, who spat twice upon the bust of Nicator. Bassam Chiblak With only 10 characters, "Jesus wept" is the shortest and saddest verse in the Bible. It is easy to memorize, but sad to remember. Jayne Hildebrand Three-two-one: if stamen to its stigma, bound, then must the hunter hunt the hound, then must we saunter to a sound so rich, yet unfamiliar? Bassam Chiblak After he figured out how many angels could dance on the head of a pin, St. Thomas began to wonder about demons. Jayne Hildebrand wanted wanton wonton… wanted one ton won ton… wanting wanton one ton won ton… want one wan ton won ton cc i’m s0rry. Anonymous a rake for the wind-thrown branches / takes up the petals/ countable if you choose Pearl Pirie I count/ not as a woman as one-who-knows knows women/ do not count no i count/ each One/ the last of which i count first. not all. concetta principe i used 2 be used 2 U then i delayed my house then I re-moved my rousing acreage of response versus repose and I stood here blink blink to U Sheila E. Murphy He wore his ego in his wallet and I just wanted to shake him until the coins fell from his eyes. Retha Ferguson flocking 2shop 4birds without feather > ship 2home > home2 roost: air mail flight of fancy J. R. Carpenter The owner’s manual of blur. Operating instructions. Here is the answer to that. After language goes awry you are left with alphabet. nico vassilakis Why let that one sleeping dog lie/when there are 99 bottles of beer on the wall/and countless stars in the sky? Susan Borgersen My 8 is the tops of 2 fingers I sucked, my 6 is my downfall, my 2 – a shoe. Ally Fleming 6 i lost my family 12 i lost my faith 18 i lost my mind 24 i fell in love i fell in love i fell in love Ally Fleming In Holland, remembering all lost in WW2, Jews, Gays, entrained, gassed. How free it is now. Wish they were here. Gillian Wallace “May 7. The large white pippin-tree full of bloom. No house-martin seen yet! May 12. House-martin appears: only one.” -G.White’s diary, 1787 Jayne Hildebrand British Secret Service Agent 007 removes his .25 Beretta automatic from his left arm holster, & says “I’m Bond, James Bond.” to his mirror. Warren Dean Fulton B4, before bingo life wasn’t this fun, now: a flea in Heaven 37, cup of tea 3, Down on your Knees 43, Dirty Gertie 30, tickle me 63… Warren Dean Fulton general administration on the job training technical management product management travel time technical meetings ouside Canada Anonymous sun spun by one / won by wan / wan will be one / due, two buys four / before tune / the whirl will be nude Pearl Pirie Oh St Jude patron of hopeless cases why oh why did you swallow up a family ? Anonymous all are held/ back/ released/ eased / two hands / one tongue/ 2:1 odds /which to back/ to back up / without facts Pearl Pirie He saw her scar once. A red smile Stretched between 2 hipbones On damp grass At 4am. Caitlin Stall-Paquet After quitting Facebook for good she worked twice as fast, but she was never able to think of herself in the first person again. Jayne Hildebrand 1 I is 1 whole,a little less than the universe, but more universal than a world of counted constellations. I stops with a 1-fingered hush. Adrianna Stipanovich Spare any change? A dollar or two? Credit cards now accepted. Financing also available. Bassam Chiblak The first one made him composed. The second one made him colourful. The third one made him charismatic. The fourth one made him carbonated. Anonymous Poetry needs no permission to seriously kick some ass…I mean it kicks, asses arrive, poetry is incorrigible… Sina Queyras I am barely three units of love. With sleep around my periphery, like flour around kneading dough, I am being prepared for the day. Lisa Young I count each Juan, one at a time/ I count each Juan as a consequence in time/ I account for my lack as Other I am/ Inez and I invented zero concetta principe POETRY IS POETENCY Wally Keeler feuer armpit melts the crusting ^^^sky^^^ ^ ^ . John M. Bennett They stopped the car and tore off their clothes and ran into the lake and were quickly eaten by a mythical creature that no one believed in. Arjun Basu Why am I still here, if my only fear is the unknown step before my feet? Erica Holbert He came down for coffee and she said, What’s this? and he said, I don’t want to shave again, and it was then she knew the marriage was over. Arjun Basu Tonness is 3 elements applied correctly! Follow @cavakia to master those 3 & learn about his “distance coaching” program! Anonymous There is poetry in my 58008; there is bare meaning in numbers turned upside down. Gillian Sze 1. She’s awkward with her fingers 2. It’s chess 3. I have a dangling mole 4. There’s love, fool 5. Sometimes the good ones lose the battles. Arjun Basu Stare at this ticker for a long time, then stop the text. It will look like it is moving in the oposite direction. tony keyes “There isn’t much money in poetry. There isn’t much poetry in money.” – George Bernard Shaw. Karl Jirgens Poetry is best when it’s about me. Poetry is about me when I drink. Stop making fun of my Bud Light. It’s poetic license. Aaron P. J. “D.” Bennett Poetry is best when it’s about me. This takes around 5 drinks. Don’t bash my 2 Coronas, 2 white russians, pinot. They are poetic license. Aaron P. J. “D.” Bennett I count/ not as a woman as one-who-knows knows women/ do not count no i count/ each One/ the last of which i first. not all. concetta principe One sponge-like heart / cannot sustain this weight / this heart drips / onto the page / buckles, wrinkles paper. celyn harding-jones get an actuary of genetic disease 2 tell me how much 2 feel/get the bond researcher 2 explain the ties&knots/calculate probability 4 failure celyn harding-jones tiny instruction set: 1. calculate the poem’s square root. 2. carry the four. 3. add a dash of Tabasco and a slice of lime. 4. think tequila Amanda Earl cap cit (op u lence, sir, lancelot) retreacts some of the finitude (unless here 2 4 unleashed) Sheila E. Murphy A-form (id) (able) convent vents the 2fold integers one needs to plump a darling (violin-free obone) fast to sleep (in steep) shelter Sheila E. Murphy We lived in a trailer outside her parents’ house. We ate tacos. There was a Tolkien poster by the microwave. A holly hedge outside. Anonymous BASEBALL: blister; 15 days. FOOTBALL: bruise; 4-6 weeks. NASCAR: right turn; eternity. HOCKEY: 110 stitches, 3 teeth; intermission. Aaron P. J. “D.” Bennett I’ll have the number 8, he said. A number 2, I said. His arrived,the colours of the rainbow. Mine was devoid of green. Susan Borgersen 2 dance and 2 play, hear the whistle beyond the window 2 nite larissa here the snow, the city sings its yarns. i 2 glow inside my needle larissa 012: whereupon i zero in on numerical chimera my o eclipses your 0 even though both are merely ( + ) half empty half full. Alcofibras Nasier II Don’t speak 2 me in meta4s or sing 2 me in 6 pences/but dance 4 me in figures of 8 not incomplete sentences Anonymous There are enough cherry blossom petals on the ground here to inspire approximately 987 haiku with ample supply left over for 14 weddings. J. R. Carpenter Woke in a 18th c house. Had brunch in a 16th c house. Played tennis at a 14th c house. By dinner we’ll be living in a cave. J. R. Carpenter 1. When I think of you I build castles in my mouth. 2. Recently the castles started bombing each other. Retha Ferguson Joseph Heller writes the eighth deadly sin: Avoid commiting the previous seven and you will go to hell. Retha Ferguson Life asked me what is the meaning of me, I said 0.000000000000000000000000042. Universe who was listening in said: “That’s pretty arrogant.” Retha Ferguson Equation: If 143 = I love you, find the value of why. Susan Borgersen 4 you mud, the tracks of 2 beaver, a stick Brenda Schmidt MTL=514. SFO=415. ATX=512. Coincidence or providence? We keep our wheels spinning, always on the road, looking forward to numeric nirvana. Laura Roberts ate ehs, to bees, for seas, sicks tea pluses. every 1 else failed. Anonymous A D F# B. 4 strings. Truth. 300 ballads. 200 crying tunes. One love song. Susan Borgersen The mathematics of parenthood: after 2 become 1, 1 + 1 = 3 Greg Santos Rock. Paper. Scissors. Which hurt more? Rock smashes. Paper cuts. Scissors stabs. Paper Scissors can not cut nor stab. Larissa Dutil Rhetoric soothes the pragmatist; maximally, the individualist seethes. This is half-me. Jon Paul Fiorentino Two thousand and six. Unspeakable loss. Nobler alert. Jon Paul Fiorentino Light transmitted through Au beaten 2 translucency appears greenish blue. Semi-transparent sheets R useful in visors 4 spacesuits. Natalee Caple having breathed well over my 1 billionth birthsecond I didn’t notice am I heavy still stone? Pearl Pirie If spring had a smell it would be cucumber, thick sliced, laid out on brown bread with torn shreds of lettuce, the whole cut in 4. Gillian Wallace 1011010001001100001011011001100011101 Ally Fleming 100 yellow pollen grains each 0.006 mm in size dusted his 2 lips Su Rogers everything is all right, Enzo told me so. 1000000 one million flashes of binary code Warren Dean Fulton C3PO, R2D2 and Darth Vader were the 1st three Star Wars figures I got, back when the movie was released in 1977 when I was only 7 years old Warren Dean Fulton Found in a box: 832 tiny blue buttons, 1 metal snap, 3 fine fish hooks and vestiges of wasp’s paper laid on top for only 5 cents. Su Rogers There once was a girl named Helen. She always ate lots of melon. 1 day at school she fell in the pool. It’s too bad that Helen fell in. Hannah Richardson “May 16. Nightingales visit my fields & sing awhile: but withdraw, & travel on: some years they breed with me.” -Gilbert White’s diary, 1778 Jayne Hildebrand A letter. I press. Falter. Rouse restless. Ink treacherous. A while-song to ease sleepless. Poet-lull. I for one never believed in anything. Sandra Ridley 1000 bells ring out: Europe remembers 6,000,000+ dead, 65 years ago. The young and world leaders forget. Gillian Wallace home address/ p.o. box/ phone #s/ debit card PIN/ debt/ SIN/ passwords/ alarm codes/ income taxes/ personal stats/ dates & data/ too many #s Warren Dean Fulton Found in a box: 832 tiny blue buttons, 1 metal snap, 3 fine fish hooks and vestiges of wasp’s paper laid on top for only 25 cents. Su Rogers Poetic Diversification/speculation/Capital/letters/NASDAQ/TSX/trading trends/Investment Strategies/poems now up 10%/poetry now a bull market Warren Dean Fulton I told you I collected bookmarks, you thought that endearlingly sweet Jeffrey Mackie 4 slices red beef, 8 long Dutch beans, 6 roast potatoes, 2 canals, 27 greening trees, you across the table, perfect restaurant. Gillian Wallace Captain’s log, Stardate 1704.5. Enterprise out of control, spiraling through deep space at warp factor 8.4; 11 minutes of life support left. Warren Dean Fulton 1011010001010010001011011110101000100111001010011101000100100011101001000100010001110100100100010111100010010001001111110100010101010101110! celyn harding-jones my 7 yr old son swears while learning cursive writing. “@#$% it! I could write these letters a 100 times & still not get it. Damn! Damn!!!” Warren Dean Fulton he went out at five past three and he never came back Anonymous She saw her boss drive off into the sunset. She held her thumbs, hoping it was a wooden painted one and he would end up with 75 stitches. Retha Ferguson Lights. Strike up the banned. Blackout. Nigel Spencer abacus love poem (dedicated to Plato & Babylonian Sexagesimal Systems) love is irrational/ measuring time & angles / moving back & forth Warren Dean Fulton

With the end of Congress 2010 came the end of this project, and this site now stands as a documentation resource and archive. You can read about the project in more detail, watch the ticker, and look at documenting video and photos of the event.


This project addresses the production and dissemination of new creative writing in relation to informing features of the historical stock ticker—text in motion, instantaneous telecommunication (transmitting messages across a distance), periodic updates and “telegraphic” brevity.

Read on!

Highlight Video

Above is a highlight reel of the ticker in action, showing the launch sequence followed by a few of the 504 tickers text that were submitted and approved during Congress.

To download the uncut, archival two hour-long video showing all ticker texts, follow this link or right-click, save-as. (850MB mp4).

You can also see a shorter, two minute run-through of the project for PR purposes here.

Ticker Texters

The Stock Ticker